NASCAR Driver Simona De Silvestro, “The Swiss Missile” – Danica, who?

NASCAR Driver Simona De Silvestro, “The Swiss Missile”  – Danica, who?

A rising star in the Indy circuit, Simon a De Silvestro of Switzerland, is one badass woman.

The 22-year-old has quickly made her way to the top, and with all the buzz she’s created, she seems to be drowning out the competition. Including the timeless and aesthetically pleasing Danica Patrick.

Last year, Silvestro finished 14th in the Indianapolis 500 earning her Rookie of the Year honors. This year, she almost lost her shot at even qualifying.

During a practice run on Thursday, her Dallara-Hondad broke at 220 mph sending her airborne before flipping over and landing upside down. Oh, did I mention it caught on fire?!

“I usually close my eyes when I crash,” she told the Associated Press.” I thought it was over and all of a sudden I open my eyes and I’m flying off again. I was lucky that I didn’t pass out or anything.”

Despite suffering from second and third degree burns on her hands, The Swiss Missile managed to stay alive (no pun intended) and be the last driver to qualify Saturday.

She’s determined! I’d say that’s pretty indicative of a badass.

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