5 Reasons to Set Your Sights on Killer Women 

Tricia Helfer in cowboy boots, hat, and a holster is pretty much worth the price of admission on this one!
By: Victoria A. Brownworth
January 14 2014 4:50 PM

ABC’s new limited series, Killer Women, is fun. Good, clean, shoot-em-up, justice-every-time fun. This isn’t high-art sub-textual Top of the Lake or The Killing. It’s just good. Good because both the good guys and the bad guys aren’t guys at all, but women, and good because Tuesday nights are more or less a TV drama wasteland. And also good because Emmy-winner Sofia Vergara is executive producing it and Hannah Shakespeare is writing it. So...watch what the NY Post calls the hottest new show of 2014.

5. It’s as Big as Texas.
Texas gets a bad rap for being anti-woman, because...it is. But when the producers, including Vergara and Latin World Entertainment, took the Argentine drama Mujeres Asesinas and revamped it for an American audience, they moved it just far enough across the U.S. border into Texas so that what happens on the other side still matters.  

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