WATCH: WATCH: Pretty Little Liars' Lesbian Couple Gets Some Much-Needed Noir Screentime

Paige and Emily look so good in noir.
By: Shewired Contributor
February 05 2014 7:08 PM

Earlier this week we were "over the moon" (plucked from a non-existent list of approved noir dialogue) to announce that Pretty Little Liars was digging into its film history and doing a full-on noir episode, complete with noir's tell-tale trademarks femme fatales, hard-boiled detectives and criminals, stark lighting, reflective surfaces, expressionistic angles, and wonderfully stilted dialogue. And in this clip from "Shadow Play" that AfterEllen secured exclusively from ABC Family, Rosewood's lady loves finally get some screen time! 

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) engage in a something of an estranged lovers sort of back and forth about Paige's relationship with Shauna, and they look fabulous doing it. Paige's final line is so predictable and yet so satisfying when she utters it. 

Watch Paige and Emily in full film noir! 

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