New The Fosters' Clips Fullfill Your Daily Dose of Stef and Lena

Teri Polo and Sherri Saum as Stef and Lena continue to prove why they are arguably the BEST TV moms ever!
By: Rebekah Allen
February 06 2014 4:47 PM

The Fosters officially gets an A+ in keeping fans occupied between Mondays. Three new clips of this week’s episode “Padre” have been released, and they pack quite the emotional punch. Stef prepares for her father’s funeral while dealing with never being able to make up with him following their last fight. Lena tries to comfort her wife, but ends up finding comfort herself when Jude surprises her with a new (touching, dare-you-not-to-feel-something) title. Jude also demonstrates a deeply mature grasp on death/the afterlife while trying to help Mariana cope with the loss of her grandfather, and it seems Callie may even be starting to consider coming home. Sure, the wait between Mondays is a struggle, but from these clips it seems like, despite a tragedy, things may be looking up for everyone’s favorite ABC Family. 

Stef and Lena as the best TV moms ever. 

Here's a super adorable moment between Jude and Lena! 

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