WATCH: SNL's Kate McKinnon Talks to Ellen DeGeneres About Honing Her Justin Bieber Impression

Kate McKinnon discusses her admiration for the Biebs, and mentions the great lesbian Sweet Cruise of 2009!
By: Shewired Contributor
February 06 2014 6:56 PM

SNL’s out cast member Kate McKinnon stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ show for the second time, and while she didn’t impersonate Ellen on this trip, she did discuss her killer Justin Bieber impression from a few weeks ago.

Kate told Ellen that she has not had feedback from the real Bieber, but that he did come to her in a dream.

Meanwhile, Ellen gave McKinnon a shout out as her favorite SNL cast member. As a bonus, Kate discusses the great lesbian Sweet Cruise of 2009 when thousands of lesbians left port in New Orleans during a hurricane! 

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