10 Lessons We Learned from Pretty Little Liars'  'She's Come Undone'

This week our favorite Liars continue to provide not only shocking revelations, but valuable life lessons.
By: Rebekah Allen
February 26 2014 1:57 AM

1. All four of these girls needs to put this case down and take a step back. Pretty Little Liars started in 2010, and four years later Spencer is still finding pill bottles in her locker with a neat little note from A. I’m not saying teen girls can’t solve crazy cases; not only would Nancy Drew have solved this by now, but she would have moved on to at least 10 other mysteries. There’s gotta be one not completely corrupt authority in the damn nation who can actually solve this thing!


  1. 2. If you’re having a bad day, it’s okay not to accessorize. But don’t get carried away. How long can your friends really be seen with you if you’re not wearing several chunky necklaces or a stylish print?

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