5 Reasons We're Still Watching Grey's Anatomy - And You Should Too!

We still love Grey's Anatomy after all these years, and here's why!

By: Victoria A. Brownworth
February 27 2014 4:11 PM

Ah, Grey’s Anatomy. Nine years and 10 seasons ago we fell in love with the young interns of Seattle Grace led by Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). ER was in its tenth year, but was no longer the high-powered medical drama it once was. The TV landscape was ripe for a female-driven medical show and Shonda Rhimes delivered. 

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ABC’s Grey’s was an instant hit. Over the years Grey’s has been consistently queer-friendly as well as being the most thoroughly racially and ethnically integrated show on TV.
There have been a few less-than-stellar seasons, but season 10 has been exceptional. When the show went on winter hiatus in December it left viewers hanging, waiting for key questions to be answered about the characters we love. Here are five reasons we’re still watching and why you should watch as the season starts up again, tonight, beginning with 12 new episodes with no repeats.

5. Is There a Doctor in the House?
The foundation of Grey’s Anatomy is still the medical aspect of the drama, like last season’s 3D printing of new veins for a heart. Even cases that seem simple can turn out to be super complex, like the college student transgender couple (she was having top surgery to transition and was being supported by his MTF partner) who have to deal with parental disapproval.   

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