5 Reasons to Watch CW's Arrow and 'Quiver!'

If you're not watching Arrow you're missing out!

By: Victoria A. Brownworth
March 12 2014 3:31 PM

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, if you don’t catch a series in its first season, you can binge watch till you do catch up. Some shows have a slow buzz. Arrow is one of those shows, getting a middling review for season 1. That buzz got a whole lot louder this season when critics raved. If you haven’t been watching, you should, since the CW just signed onto season 3 last week. Season 1 is on DVD, ready for binging.

Out gay showrunner/writer/producer Greg Berlanti is well known for some groundbreaking TV.  Berlanti was a writer and producer for the iconic Dawson’s Creek and has been a writer and producer for award-winning series: Everwood, Brothers&Sisters, No Ordinary Family, Dirty Sexy Money and now Arrow.
Berlanti brought us the first teenage boy kiss in prime time on Dawson’s Creek, the first transgender actress in a leading role on Dirty Sexy Money and a whole lot of gay on Brothers&Sisters. Arrow airs on the CW Wednesdays.



5. Green Arrow’s a Straight Shooter
In a series based on the DC Comics series, Green Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Arnell) a/k/a Green Arrow is a hunky, leather-clad and be-masked billionaire-turned-vigilante. Arnell loves his multi-faceted character, "There’s Queen the casual playboy, Queen the wounded hero, Queen the brooding Hamlet, Queen the lover, Queen the man of action and so on." We love all Arrow’s sides. Especially the social justice one.

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