10 Lessons We Learned from the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale

At the speed this show is moving with its revelations, we may be tuning in forever.
By: Rebekah Allen
March 19 2014 3:15 AM

It was truly a tragic night for Pretty Little Liars fans, as season 4 ended with quite the bang and an almost literal cliffhanger. But don't mourn to loudly, because in true PLL season finale fashion we viewers were treated to a few tiny clues, a couple big reveals, and a massive mess of unanswered questions! Over the years, we've certainly learned that it is possible for a television show to succeed on one mystery the entire time, but tonight we learned much more from our favorite Inept Little Detectives. Check it out, but be warned, there are major spoilers ahead!

1. After four seasons of the same mystery, Ali is finally able to talk about what happened to her the night she disappeared. But only to the extent that she knows how, because the second thing we quickly learn is...

2. Ali is not exactly Nancy Drew. Ali's first guess for A was Jenna, but after immediately threatening her, Ali got a charming message from everyone’s favorite illusive, bitchy texter and was back to square one. Ali does get weird sleuthing brownie points for drugging her friends in an attempt to be sure they weren’t A, but that’s a very sketchy tactic to use on your best buds (and one they brush off with odd acceptance). At one point, Ali claims, “I did everything I could to keep you safe.” Ali, sweetie, maybe it's time  stop trying to protect people. But way to go keeping Rosewood's cemetary in business!

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