OITNB's Taylor Schilling on What Piper Would Have Done Without Alex

Schilling on the Piper and Alex relationship, "It's not a part of her life that can be left open-ended"
By: Lynn De La Cruz
July 08 2014 1:21 PM

For those that are still buzzing from their Netflix binge of Orange is the New Black and want to relive some of the moments… behold, Taylor Schilling recently chatted about season two with Vulture. The interview features a comprehensive look at season two—from the complicated relationship with Alex to a rant about white privilege, so if you’ve held out from holding a marathon of the show—beware of spoilers.

For the Piper/Alex fans, Schilling discussed how she felt about the rumors of Laura Prepon leaving the show. “I would not have been able to handle [her leaving]. Alex is a really important element to Piper’s story,” Schilling said, “It’s not a part of her life that can be left open-ended.”

And for us that have seen the continuation of Pipex throughout this season, we understand what Schilling means when she talks about Piper's character in this season, “There’s a little bit more of a ‘fuck it’ attitude. She’s spent her entire life trying to be a good girl, please people, even unwittingly, and that identity is getting stripped further and further and further in prison. And the she’s in there, the less she has to lose.”

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