WATCH: Robin Wright Gets Silly, Offers Further Proof She's Perfect in an Outfit to Drive Lesbians Wild

We can't get past her adorable outfit!
By: Tracy E. Gilchrist
July 25 2014 3:08 PM

To be honest, we don’t understand this game that Jimmy Fallon has Robin Wright playing with him on his show, and despite our general befuddlement this video is just further proof that Robin Wright may just be a perfect human being.

She hilariously plays along with Jimmy’s silly game in which they recite a line of dialogue and then dance? Who came up with this? Never mind. We get to see the Emmy winner for House of Cards get real loose with Jimmy. And did we mention the hair, the vest, the tank, the jeans, the belt, the boots, and the arms? GAH. Robin Wright is definitely a perfect human being. 

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