WATCH: Real-Life Girlfriends Bria & Chrissy on '10 Things Lesbians Do on Saturdays'

Bria and Chrissy not only make beautiful music together, they're also pretty damned funny.
By: SheWired Editors
December 10 2013 4:42 PM

Bria and Chrissy, the real-life couple responsible for amazing acoustic covers of pop songs from “Wrecking Ball” to “Roar” and song parodies like “Dear Chick-fil-A” are also pretty aces at making humorous videos.

Saturday came and went and we were busy with other things, but Bria and Chrissy had a little fun with lesbian stereotyping in their latest video “10 Things Lesbians Do on Saturdays.”

Just one word of advice to Bria and Chrissy – put that cat in a carrier! 

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